A Glimpse Of Humanity stretched canvas print 8″ by 8″


A Glimpse of Humanity Canvas print 8″ by 8″. Print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, as well as a short description. A glimpse of humanity is a look at the church, and how Jesus could see us. that we as the body of believers are made up of many different types of people. But all have the opportunity to meet Jesus and come before the Father. That all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but Jesus payed the highest price so we could know Him, believe, and be made whole. I am continually overwhelmed by the goodness of God and His love for the least and the greatest. I believe you are chosen and called for a purpose I pray that you see and meet Jesus that you are able to taste and see the goodness of God. John 3:16

All shipping for this print will send a few weeks after ordering. I am making each to order, and everything takes a bit to get together. I am just learning please be patient thank you!!!

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